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Play as Edward Carlton, a Professional Diver that's searching for the lost amulet housed in the shipwrecked vessel 'Santa De Frey'.  After years of searching for the amulet, you discover an opening in the Atlantic floor. You and your colleague Charles Douglass venture out in a submarine to find this amulet,  little do you know the unimaginable terrors that await.

Dev Team

Programmer : Dawson Yates - DawsonY8s
Artist / Animator : Jack Pressnell - SomeFarang
Writer / UI :  Adwit Rahman - adwitr
Music - dl-sounds.com
Sound - zapsplat.com


  • WASD to Move Crouch and Jump
  • E to Call Submarine / Get in or Out of Submarine
  • Left Click to Shoot (only in submarine)


This Game is a Game Jam Game for the Weekly Game Jam 49, it is liable to have bugs in it, if you're having problems let me know in the comments or on the WGJ Discord Server. Thanks!


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I think this could be fleshed out into a full game, complete with airships, and hookers, and nemotoads. And other things...perhaps.

Interesting game - but, I laughed really hard near the ending - Maybe you'd like that? Unsure.

Really interesting story and idea for a game! Would love to see more adventures from these two lol 

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed our game (it was actually made by three people) and I really enjoyed watching your video. The section on how it was going to be made into a movie cracked me up. Keep up the good work on Youtube and I hope to see your channel grow!

While being a bit confusing and needing a little more explaination, I enjoyed the game quite a lot! thank you for making it! and I can't wait for more!

Amazing for a game jam. It is always better working in a team for these, am I right? I really enjoyed how the game played, and I love the inclusion of a story. I think it needs a more fleshed out narrative behind it, but the idea is there. I love how it controls, and how easy the maneuverability of the submarine was. I would love to see more from you and your fellow developers. Keep up the excellent work!

Did a quick video on the gameplay. You can check it out here: 

While it is pretty brief, the game manages a lot in such a short time! The story and the atmosphere are great, and while the combat does detract a bit from the general feeling of helplessness, it does seem requited for the game to climax the way it does. I think maybe a chase or escape sequence might have been more fitting, but I understand the time constraints game jams have. For a 10 min, story driven atmospheric exploration game, it's pretty great!


I enjoyed watching the video and thanks for the feedback. I understand some things were rushed, and sorry again about that boss fight. I'm glad you enjoyed playing our game!

Hey, so I played up until the cavern, post-earthquake, and got trapped in an inescapable room. Judging by the tags it looks like a boss room, but nothing showed up. I just floated around shooting for a while...

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Hey CoalFire, I posted this game early because me and my team missed the deadline by a few hours so I posted it early and updated the game upon completion, and the version you played was unfinished. Download the game again and give it a try, the game is complete and the boss is there now. Sorry for the inconvenience.